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When E-Types Collide

Imagine driving your dream car through the canyons of Los Angeles.  You are finally in possession of something that not only reminds you of your youth, but of your father and all of the great memories you made with him.  … Continue reading

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Cars Shows: Cars & Coffee, Irvine, California

It’s a shame that I have missed, up until now, a car show only one hour away, one that’s popular and filled with interesting vehicles. Cars & Coffee gatherings on Saturday and Sunday mornings have gained popularity around the country. … Continue reading

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It Runs In The Family

Like most hobbies, it usually starts with someone close to you. In my case my love of cars started way before my time and even before my dads time. It started with my grandpa. A well-known Hollywood/advertising photographer, he was … Continue reading

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Girls Race Too

Toni on the track I often hear “girls can’t drive” or “girls can’t race”. Well, I’m one girl that has put that stereotype to the test (and to rest too). Since I turned 16 I have successfully completed ten different … Continue reading

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A Dying Breed: The Battle Between Manual and Automatic Transmissions

It seems as time moves on that more and more people choose cars based on the latest technology rather than how it drives.  It used to be that cars only came with a manual transmission and that was it. As … Continue reading

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