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Car Collecting: End of Era?

I don’t usually read AARP Magazine but I spotted one in a waiting room recently and a teaser on the cover caught my eye:  “Own the Classic Car of Your Dreams”.  I figured it would be a bit of fluff … Continue reading

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Alex Roy Likes Detroit
Note to Alex’s Producers: That’s A Model T Museum, Not “Ruin Porn”

I’m ambivalent about the Live And Let Drive video that Alex Roy has done for Drive. Alex came to Detroit a few days early for the NAIAS back in January so he could test his theory that the Motor City … Continue reading

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Editorial: Should An Unelected Board In California Make Us All Pay For Electric Cars?

 On Friday, the California Air Resources Board issued new emissions regulations that mandate that by 2025 one out of seven new cars sold in the state must be powered by electricity or be some other form of zero emission vehicle. … Continue reading

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I’m Sorry, But I Still Don’t Get The Scion IQ

I understand that Toyota has made a lot of money selling cars to people who don’t like cars, or at least people who aren’t particularly enthusiastic about them.  I also understand that there is a market for small, highly efficient … Continue reading

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Cars Other Than Chevy Volts Burn, Nobody Notices. 89,000 MINIs Recalled for Fire Hazard

Perception and reality are not always the same thing. The internet allows people around the world to find out about things as soon as they happen, often with photos or video. On whole that’s a good thing but it also … Continue reading

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2012 NAIAS: Make Way for the King’s Men

Like moths to a flame Frankly, I have far less of a problem with Ford flying “social media influencers” in for the North American International Auto Show in Detroit and to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to try … Continue reading

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A Dying Breed: The Battle Between Manual and Automatic Transmissions

It seems as time moves on that more and more people choose cars based on the latest technology rather than how it drives.  It used to be that cars only came with a manual transmission and that was it. As … Continue reading

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Cars In Depth Welcomes Toni Avery

Toni under the hood of her father’s concours winning E-Type Jaguar fixed head coupe Cars In Depth is happy to welcome our newest contributor, Toni Avery. Toni says she has two loves, writing and cars. Her LinkedIn profile describes her … Continue reading

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Would Cars Be Legal If They Were Just Invented?

Political humorist Frank J. Fleming poses an interesting thought experiment: what if the car was not over a century old but was just invented recently? Would societies and governments permit the private, gasoline powered automobile? Imagine if cars hadn’t been … Continue reading

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NTSB Chair Supports Cell Phone Ban With Lies & Obfuscation

The National Transportation Safety Board’s recent recommendation that all 50 states ban all cell phone (including hands-free) and personal electronic device use when driving got a lot of attention. Now it turns out that the NTSB’s chairman, Deborah Hersman, has … Continue reading

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