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Land Rover’s Journey of Discovery Discovers Soviet Car Museum

Land Rover just completed their Journey of Discovery, a fund raiser for the International Red Cross, covering 8,000 miles from Birmingham, England to Beijing, China in 50 days. The route took them through Russia where the team discovered Mikhail Krasinets, … Continue reading

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Senate’s Version of Highway Bill Mandates Black Boxes in Your Car
and Lets Government Monitor Your Movements

The new highway bill recently passed by the U.S. Senate, the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act or MAP21, is now working its way through the House of Representatives. As with most legislation, there’s some controversy that … Continue reading

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Chrome Menagerie: The Evolution of the Impala

Over at the New York Times’ Wheels blog, Phil Patton has an excellent piece on the history and development of the stylized leaping impala that has eponymously graced Chevy sedans since 1958. The latest version will be revealed this week … Continue reading

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Road Rage: It’ll Kill You
Woman Dies After Chasing Husband

In a bizarre occurrence in suburban Detroit, a woman died of a heart attack and crashed into a telephone guy wire after a road rage incident she provoked with her husband. We don’t know what started the argument, but when … Continue reading

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Scion FR-S Priced at $24,390 With a Stick

To view the entire photo gallery in your choice of 2D or stereo 3D formats, click here for a Flash player or here for an HTML applet After some fan sites leaked the news, the Scion website has gone live … Continue reading

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Are Fiskers Breaking Down?
Consumer Reports’ Bad Karma
UPDATE: Fisker Response
UPDATE #2: Dealer Responds to Report of 2nd Breakdown
UPDATE #3: Eyewitness Rebuts Dealer

NOTE: Welcome Instapundit readers. When you’re done reading this post, please take the time to check out our homepage and archives. Consumer Reports bought a Fisker Karma to test the luxury extended range EV, and they weren’t able to even … Continue reading

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Jaguar’s Leaper Get’s More Muscular

Jaguar enthusiasts may pay close attention to today’s announcement of a new marketing strategy for the British luxury car maker. Marketing plans come and go but the new strategy includes a revamping of the Jaguar logo. Jaguar calls the changes … Continue reading

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Is “Cheap Interior Plastic” Toxic?

I’m not much for giving credence to press releases from self-appointed health and environmental advocacy groups. There’s usually an agenda involved, but data is data. When the Ecology Center of Ann Arbor released their rankings of chemical hazards in new … Continue reading

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Ford Capri Perana Thinks It’s An Enzo or Bugatti, Makes Like Michael Phelps

When George Miedecke entered the Targa Wrest Point rally in Tasmania in his father’s Ford Capri Perana V8, his dad told him not to crash and not to come in second. He failed on both counts, being the second car … Continue reading

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Revenue From Saved Saab Museum Will Pay Cost of Liquidating Saab

The Wallenberg family has long had an important role in Swedish civic life. Now that the family has stepped in to save Trollhattan’s Saab Museum from being liquidated, its collection will not be dispersed. Swedish Radio has reported that the … Continue reading

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