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The Learning Curve on Electric Car Safety

After a crash tested Chevy Volt burned in a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration storage facility three weeks following the crash test, that agency is now working with automakers to possibly come up with rules to protect people that handle … Continue reading

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Some Perspective on Car Fires

Obviously, a very high profile vehicle like the Chevy Volt is going to be under the microscope. So it’s understandable that people would be interested in the recent fires that involve the new extended range electric vehicle. A handful of … Continue reading

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Feds Investigating Chevy Volt that Burned Following Crash Test

As Duke Energy, GM, Siemens, USDOT and local fire officials continue to investigate a North Carolina house fire that started in a garage housing a Chevy Volt and Siemens charging station, word comes from Bloomberg that NHTSA, the National Highway … Continue reading

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Investigation Continues in Garage Fire That Burned Siemens Charger, Chevy Volt

Chevy Volt that burned in an earlier Connecticut fire. The Volt was determined to not be the cause of that fire. Fire officials continue to pore over the site of a house fire in suburban Mooresville, NC to determine if … Continue reading

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Duke Energy Expands Warning About EV Chargers in Wake of House Fire

Though the investigation is still in its earliest stages, ABC News reports that the weekend house fire in North Carolina involving a Siemens EV charging station and a Chevy Volt has led to Duke Energy telling an additional 100 customers … Continue reading

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Duke Energy Warns Customers to Not Use EV Charging Stations After Fire Involving Siemens Charger and Chevy Volt

Siemens VersiCharge charging station, like the one installed in a home garage that burned in Moorseville, NC. After a house fire in Mooresville, NC which started in the home’s garage was traced the the area near a charging station for … Continue reading

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Yes, Mr. Akerson, You Do Need To Worry About The Next Transmission

Start the YouTube 3D video player. Click on the red 3D icon that will appear in the menu bar to select 2D or your choice of stereo 3D formats. In an extensive interview with Bloomberg Businessweek, General Motors CEO Dan … Continue reading

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Hood Surfing Quebec Cop

This video is not in stereo 3D Just coincidentally, a day after we published a post on police officers cruising at taxpayers’ expense, this video from Canada came to our attention showing that cruising isn’t the only thing that cops … Continue reading

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GM Agrees to Give UAW Members $5,000 Signing Bonus. Should Taxpayers Have Been Paid First?

The United Auto Workers and General Motors have come to a tentative agreement for a national labor contract covering the next four years. In addition to hourly raises for both veteran and second tier autoworkers, the contract calls for a … Continue reading

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COPO Lives! Camaro ZL1 – The Fastest Camaro Yet?

Gallery in multiple 3D, & 2D formats below the jump. Though many Camaro enthusiasts were expecting Chevrolet to introduce the Z28 version of the current, new, Camaro at the Chicago Auto Show, I doubt they were disappointed when that announcement … Continue reading

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