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There are plenty of great websites about cars but none of them, so far, have taken advantage of the technologies available to offer readers something more than just an online version of traditional enthusiast magazines with  perhaps a little more immediate feedback from readers than handpicked letters to the editors.  Ironically, though much of personal computer technology has been driven by the need to display graphics, even with embedded video or photo galleries the average automotive website still doesn’t have anywhere near the visual pop that the traditional “buff books” the monthly magazines line Car and Driver and Road & Track have. Also, the problem with flashy graphics is that auto enthusiasts worry that the car sites that do highlight graphics and video will gravitate to the lowest common denominator and those sites will subsequently lose interest for serious car guys and gals.

Cars In Depth is the first 3D car site (that we know of). If you note, though, we aren’t calling the site Cars In 3D (though you’re welcome to use carsin3d.com to access the site). There’s way more to this site than 3D. We’d like to believe that we look at cars in all their dimensions. Yes, 3D is flashy, but there’s plenty of substance backing up the flash. Cars In Depth has lined up some of the most talented automotive writers working today, writers with a track record of telling it like it is and laying it on the line. With all due respect to other fine automotive sites, we’re neither obsessive, nor awesome nor do we think that we hold all the truth. We do, however, love cars and car culture. If you’re here, you do too.

Using 3D is not just a gimmick, though we won’t shine you on and deny that we’re using it at least in part to get a lot of attention as we launch. Though it is a flashy new technology, we genuinely think that an automotive website is an ideal application for 3D graphics. Cars are real 3 dimensional objects just don’t look the same in person as they do in a flat photograph or video. There’s a reason why automotive stylists make scale and full-size clay models of proposed designs before committing to production. Modern styling studios use the very latest in 3D and virtual reality displays for the same reason: cars are objects that exist in three dimensions. At the same time 3D movies and games and associated hardware are proliferating. We’d be stupid to not recognize the growing acceptance of 3D imagery by consumers.

So it’s a good business move. Why do you think that the lineup of writers that we have here have  eagerly signed on? That’s the important point, Cars In Depth is not just about 3D but about  talented and entertaining writers discussing cars in all their dimensions with an informed and thoughtful readership. Sure, we’ll talk about the auto industry and politics should the need call, but the main focus is going to be on cars, driving, and car culture. Also, don’t think that we’re too serious around here. We like press on the go fast pedal and laugh as much as the next car guy or gal. We’re not politically correct and if we say something that offends, well, you’re free to start your own website and tell everyone how much we suck.

There’s another point that you should know. Unlike almost every other major car site where the writers have no real control over the direction of the site, our writers and technical staff own the site, we report to nobody but our own consciences, our readers and maybe, perhaps, possibly, each other. All of the other major car blogs are owned by companies that set policies and have editors that act as gatekeepers. Most of our writing staff has experience as editors, they don’t really need somebody to copy edit their work. They’re all good writers with unique voices. I trust them to put up posts that will interest you and we don’t need corporate overseers telling us to run lots of cheesy photos and graphics or whore ourselves to traffic stats.

We’re still riding with our training wheels. but as 3D matures and proliferates we hope to continue to grow. We’re the first 3D car website and though we’re pretty laid back, we’re serious about both parts of 3D car website. We’ll make every effort to give you not just the best 3D photos and video that we can but, more importantly, a cool car culture site that you can still enjoy in mono 2D if you don’t have stereo 3D capabilities on your computer or portable device.

Thanks for stopping by and we hope you find the content here worth returning to.

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