Ford GT40 Recreation: 2005 Ford GT

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It’s one thing for a company like Superformance to make a replica of a 1960s era sports car. It’s another thing entirely for a company like Ford Motor Company to make a recreation of one of their most successful race cars, make it exceed the original’s performance envelope, while coming in a package that meets both modern standards for safety as well as standards for luxury and comfort. That’s exactly what Ford did to celebrate their 2003 centennial. Maverick designer Camillo Pardo drew the modern Ford GT and sometimes I think it looks better than the original. That it’s retro without looking retro says a lot about how ahead of its time the original Ford GT40 (so named because it was no more than 40″ tall, then considered the minimum height that would still allow for driver packaging – hence the “Gurney bubble” in the roofs of the cars that 6’2″ Dan Gurney drove). In the photo gallery I’ve included some shots of the Ford GT that set a 205 mph record for Ford production vehicles that FoMoCo donated to the Piquette Avenue Model T factory museum.

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