Saudi Chitwood: Saudi Drivers Do The Two Wheel Thing

You’ve probably seen videos of Hagwalah, the Saudi practice of wildly drifting in traffic, that has resulted in several mangled cars and at least a few mangled human bodies. Apparently when a country bans alcohol and young men are not allowed to hang out with young women, they look for ways to entertain themselves. In addition to Hagwalah, which involves mostly sedans, some Saudi’s with SUVs like to drive on two wheels, like famed thrill driver Joie Chitwood. Chitwood, though, did his stunt driving on the track (or on film), these *guys do it on public roads and at fairly high speeds for two wheel stunting. Some of them are very serious stunt drivers – check out how they remove the airborne wheels and enjoy a smoke from a hookah as they roll down the road at speed.

*Literally guys. Women aren’t allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia.

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