We’re Giving Away Cars!

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We had a nice response to our first SWAG For The Masses giveaways so we’ve decided to raise the ante and give away some [switch to tv game show announcer’s voice] NEW CARS! Going through my big bag o’ swag (actually dozens of neatly stacked egg crates containing 10 years worth of press kits, swag and brochures, over 1,000 different items) it occurred to me that there were lots of cars. Okay, so they weren’t real cars like the Chrysler 300 on my driveway that I’m reviewing for The Truth About Cars, they’re diecast models and plush toys and thumb drives in the shape of cars – but they do have four wheels and I’m sure that many of our readers would love to have them. Most were not available to the public and they’re all collectible. It’s better that our readers enjoy them rather than sitting in a box in my basement. If a site called Cars In Depth is going to have a contest, should we give away baseball caps or cars? Right. So for the near future, all of our SWAG For The Masses contests will be cars.

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