Fast Fords: 1961 Galaxie Starliner

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I’ve always associated the teardrop cowl induction hood with fast Ford sedans. It turns out that’s because Ford indeed introduced the distinctively shape on the fiberglass hood supplied with the 50 factory lightweight 1964 Galaxies that Ford sold as drag racers. It’s shape arose out of the need to clear the high-riser induction pipes used on the 427 “Cammer” engine. The style spread to other hi-po early ’60s Fords. Because of the popularity of pony cars like the Mustang and Camaro people forget that the original muscle cars were full size cars with big engines, like the Galaxie and Impala. This 1961 Galaxie Starliner two-door was at the Ford & Mercury Restorers’ Club meet, just one of a few fast Fords at the show.

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