Fast Fords: 1962 Galaxie 500

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At the Ford & Mercury Restorers meet in Belleville, right next to the ’61 Starliner was a 1962 Galaxie 500, also with a teardrop induction hood. The hood wasn’t up but I’m guessing there’s a big block engine under it. After the excesses of the late 1950s, all the Detroit car makers went to sleeker and lower designs with less ornamentation and in general cleaner, simpler lines. Bill Mitchell gets a lot of credit for the look of cars in the 1960s as he put his stamp on GM Design, but Elwood Engel had, perhaps, an even bigger influence in that the clean, linear designs that he favored got put into production at both Ford and at Chrysler, which hired him away from heading styling at FoMoCo to replace Virgil Exner Sr.

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