2012 Woodward Dream Cruise: A Drone’s Eye View
UPDATED w/ Video Credits

It’s very hard to convey the scope of the Woodward Dream Cruise, even with photos and video, not even with stereo 3D. The event is just too huge.  When “ground zero” for an event is located on about 6 miles of a 6 or 8 lane boulevard, it’s impossible for regular photography and videography to capture the scale of the Dream Cruise. Aerial shots from helicopters give you an idea of the size of the event, but it’s a view from far above the action on the street. Autoweek decided to go with a different approach. They hired a radio-control professional to fly a small R/C helicopter/drone equipped with a video camera over the Dream Cruise. I think it’s the first video that I’ve seen, including those we’ve shot ourselves for Cars In Depth, that truly captures the feeling of the event. Hovering at a low altitude out over Woodward, the drone gives you a perspective on the event that you haven’t seen before. While there is a “cruising lane” at the curb, the truth is that there are cool cars spread out all over Woodward and adjacent parking lots and street and standing at curbside you don’t get to see all of the cars. The Woodward Dream Cruise is now an institution and most coverage is pretty much by the numbers. Kudos to Autoweek. Maybe next year they’ll equip their drone with a 3D rig – or maybe we will.

UPDATE: Andy Stoy of Autoweek has informed me that the drone was provided by Aerial Imagery Works out of western Michigan. The pilot’s name is Kyle Dorosz.

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