Cars And Coffee, Lake Mills, Wis.

Lake Mills Cars and Coffee

Part of downtown Lake Mills is closed off for this expanded Cars and Coffee

Lake Mills is a sleepy little (pop. roughly 5,000) town in south-central Wisconsin about 50 miles due west of Milwaukee.  Summertime car shows are about as ubiquitous as corn fields in southern Wisconsin and just about every little town has one.  What they don’t usually have are Concours quality exotics at their car shows.

Lake Mills does.

McLaren at Lake Mills

This MP4-12C is the first McLaren that I have ever seen “on the hoof”

Lake Mills hosts a “Cars and Coffee” meet on the first Sunday of every month from April through October.  Beginning last year, the event was expanded on the first Sunday in September for “Concours on the Green” with a portion of downtown closed off for the show.  More than 150 classics and sports cars were on display in 2011 and at least that many were on hand this year.

BMW 2000CS

This 1967 BMW 2000CS appeared to be in almost perfect original condition.

BMW CS interior

Absolutely stunning interior of the BMW CS.

Austin Healeys aren’t unheard of in this part of the midwest but they certainly aren’t very common.  This Sprite was in uncommonly nice shape, though some liberties were taken with interior fabrics during the restoration.

Austin Healey Sprite

An Austin Healey Sprite is a cheerful looking little car.

While there was plenty of exotica on display in Lake Mills today, there were also plenty of more pedestrian wheels as well.  One example was a 1968 Rambler American that, though rare these days, was hardly exotic.  It was in remarkable shape and mostly original, as well it should since it had only 12,000 miles on the clock.

1968 Ramble American

This 1968 Rambler American is incredibly well preserved.

Rambler Interior

Interior is original and in great shape. Loop pile carpeting was probably not installed at the factory, though, as base models came with plain rubber on the floor.

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