Ford Finishes 1-2-3 @ Daytona

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Trevor Bayne leads Carl Edwards and David Gilliland to the checkered flag at the 2011 Daytona 500. Bayne, who turned 20 years old on the day before the race, is the youngest ever winner of the Harley Earl trophy. This is the first time in almost 50 years that Ford has swept the podium at the 500. In 1963, Tiny Lund coasted to the checkered flag after he ran out of gas in the final corner, ahead of Fred Lorenzen, Ned Jarrett, Nelson Stacy and Dan Gurney, all in Ford. Bayne will get a check for over $1.5 million. Lund’s winning share of the total 1963 purse of $100,000 was was $24,550. A. J. Foyt finished 27th and Fireball Roberts finished 21st and both won $650. Bayne’s winnings will amount to more than $7,500 a lap.

Being that it features the Firebird I show car and that it’s named after the man who founded GM’s styling department, Harley Earl,  I don’t know if Ford will display winner’s trophy in its Dearborn headquarters.

Vintage video after the jump.

Here’s some vintage tv coverage of the ’63 race

and here’s a Ford promotional video from 1963, featuring Tiny Lund.

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