Antique Auto Advertising: Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Other Disney Characters Pitch Hudsons and Nashes

1955 was a busy year for Walt Disney, what with the opening of Disneyland, his first theme park. He was also busy producing movies as well as being four years into what would become one of television’s longest running shows, then called Walt Disney Presents on the ABC television network. Walt Disney Presents was sponsored by American Motors that year. As you can see from other ads in this series, in the 1950s it was pretty much standard procedure for the stars of television shows to pitch the products of the shows’ sponsors, the most famous probably being Dinah Shore singing See The USA In Your Chevrolet. It shouldn’t be surprising, then, that Mickey, Pluto, Jiminy Cricket and Donald Duck (and Huey,Duey and Louie, as well but not Toto too) ended up doing ads for American Motors. It was a year after the merger so Nash and Hudson still had separate lines.  Mickey, Pluto and Jiminy sold Nashes, while Donald and his anatine nephews sold Hudsons.

Jiminy Cricket’s Nash Ambassador and Statesman commercial after the jump.

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