Junkman’s JDM Isuzu 117 XC

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So I was watching a Drive video over at Jalopnik about Myron Vernis aka Junkman, a commenter at that site who has a collection of cars that is so eclectically awesome that Jalopnik’s editors have named it “the most Jalopnik car collection ever assembled”. We love all cars here at Cars In Depth but there’s a special place in our hearts for the odd and the unusual. Junkman’s car collection is all about the odd and the unusual. About six minutes into the video is Vernis’ 1981 Isuzu 117, a Japanese domestic market car with right hand drive that he acquired last spring. He likes it so much that it’s his current daily driver. While watching the video I stopped it for a second. I’ve seen that car at the Orphan Car Show. How many silver right hand drive Japanese domestic market 1981 Isuzus can there be? So I checked the photos and indeed it’s the same car. Junkman and his daughter Zoe, who entered the Isuzu in the show, are even in a couple of the pics. The 117 is an attractive car, said to be the first Japanese car styled by ItalDesign’s Giorgetto Giugiaro.

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