Bumped – Malware Warning: We Were the Target of a Malware Attack But Everything is Clean and Safe Now

sucuriIt appears that over the past few days this site was the target of malware hackers. As a result Google and Firefox have been giving viewers a Malware warning about Cars In Depth. To remove the malicious software we’ve completely rebuilt the site in a different directory and verified that it is safe with scans by both Google and Securi SiteCheck. You can check Securi SiteCheck’s scan of Cars In Depth here. No suspicious activity has been found on the site since 12/31/12. All scans since then have been clean. I repeat, Cars In Depth has been rebuilt in a clean directory and the site’s safety has been verified repeatedly. Though it was a malicious attack on our site we still deeply apologize if this site has been used to put malware on your computer. If you visited Cars In Depth at the end of December, I urge you to run an updated virus and malware scan on your computer. Some users may still be getting a warning page from Google but that’s a stale warning, the site is clean and it is not in any malware clearinghouses according to StopBadWare.org.

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