2013 North American International Auto Show

2013_NAIAS_logo_20121217121311_320_240Festivities surrounding the Detroit auto show have begun. Officially the media preview for the NAIAS doesn’t start until tomorrow morning, but there have been parties over the weekend and the invitation-only Gallery of high buck cars was at one of the Detroit casinos last night. In about six hours Chevrolet will be revealing the all new 7th generation Corvette. Since just about every media outlet is going to be scrambling and rushing to be the first to publish photos and details of the new Vette, said by some to wear the storied Stingray moniker, it’s pointless for us to try to compete. Besides, Cars In Depth is likely to have the only 3D pics and video of the C7 Corvette, something worth waiting for. I’m going to wait until I get back from the Corvette reveal this evening, process the photos and video that I shoot, and write up an account of the reveal for The Truth About Cars. We’ll probably have those 3D pics and vids ready to post sometime tonight and in any case they’ll be up on Cars In Depth by Monday morning, when the media preview starts. Come back later for the Vette reveal pics & videos and please return frequently during the next few days as we process and post content from the NAIAS.

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