Three Time Indy 50 Winner Dario Franchitti & Actress Ashley Judd to Divorce

I admire Dario Franchitti as a driver and as a student of the sport and the couple of times that I’ve had a chance to talk with him he’s been gracious, but it was hard rooting for him knowing that if he won, I’d have to see Ashley Judd, whose ego exceeds her acting talent.

At the 2012 Detroit Indycar race, Dario came in second to his teammate, Scott Dixon, but Judd still made a grand entrance at the Winner’s Circle and trophy awards. There are plenty of wives and girlfriends of drivers at races. You can spot them in the paddock – a bit like spotting the quarterback’s or lead guitar player’s girlfriend. If you see a beautiful woman hanging around a team’s transporter, it’s a good bet she’s the driver’s lady. Still you don’t often see a second place finisher’s lady friend in the winner’s circle. Yes, Dario and Dixon are teammates, but watch this video and tell me that Judd wasn’t trying to get face time on camera, trying to be the center of attention. It’s almost a little bit sad.

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