Antique Auto Advertising: It’s The New Motoramic Chevrolet! 10 Jam Handy Commercials From 1955

1955 was a big year for Chevy. It marked the introduction of Chevrolet’s first V8 engine, what would become known as the “small block Chevy”. It also marked a dramatic change in styling from the dowdy cars of the early 1950s to the sharply styled “tri-five” cars of ’55, ’56 and ’57 that are so prized by collectors and enthusiasts. Meant to evoke GM’s popular Motorama auto show extravaganzas, Motoramic was Chevy’s slogan for the 1955 model year. “More than a new car, a new concept of low cost motoring”. Remember, back then Chevy, Ford and Plymouth were not embarrassed to call themselves the “low cost three”.  To provide its dealers with the best marketing tools to sell an economy car with “show car styling”, “43 new interiors” (imagine an economy car offering that kind of customization today, but then try to imagine a company selling “hat room” today), and features like the “Turbofire” V8 that had formerly been the province of more luxurious makes, Chevrolet commissioned the Jam Handy Organization to film 10 commercials about the new 1955 Chevy. The rest of the commercials are after the jump.

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