Ridler Award Winner: 1956 Ford “Suncammer” in 3D

The most prominent trophy that a car customizer can win is the Detroit Autorama’s Ridler Award, named after Don Ridler, a seminal figure in the hot rod and custom community. With the Grand National Roadster Show’s top award being restricted to roadsters, the Ridler is now the preeminent prize in the world of high end custom cars. This year’s Ridler went to the 1956 Ford convertible named “Suncammer” for the 427 SOHC Ford “cammer” engine under the custom pewter painted hood. The Suncammer was built by Steve Cook Creations for owners Bruce and Judy Ricks.

Cars In Depth shot hundreds of photos as well as some cool 3D video at this year’s Detroit Autorama that we’ll be publishing over the next few days as we process the stereo imagery. As an appetizer, click below the jump for the Suncammer and other Ridler finalists in a variety of 3D and 2D modes.

The Suncammer is built over a custom tube frame with a longer wheelbase than the original Ford Sunliner on which the car is based, equipped with modern Baer six-piston disk brakes, Air Ride Technologies suspension, and a Tremec transmission. The body’s ultra smooth lines belie considerable modifications including wedge sectioning and channeling the body, pancaking the hood, slumping and repeaking the front fenders, leaning the A pillars, custom bumpers, custom grille, peaking the trunk, full belly pans and custom side trim.

While other cars had a chance to win, the Suncammer really stood out from an impressive crowd.

Click on the thumbnail gallery below to launch a Flash player to view the Suncammer and other Ridler finalists in a variety of 3D and 2D modes.

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