2013 Chicago Auto Show: The Tchotchkes


Chrysler was about the only manufacturer who brought trinkets to Chicago

Press previews for this year’s Chicago Auto Show were unusually low key.  To give you an idea of just how low key it was, one of the most exciting reveals was the refreshed Toyota Avalon.  Really.  The tchotchkes, those inexpensive trinkets that carmakers give out to promote products and to help the Chinese recycle plastic, were in short supply, as well.

Chrysler, as usual, was the heavy hitter here with an assortment of clever little pieces such a faux bottle of engine oil that opens to reveal a notebook, a pen, a flash drive and a tiny screwdriver kit, a small tin that contains not pastilles but another flash drive and a mailable kit that contains a booklet describing the company’s new Promaster line of commercial vans and yet another flash drive.

Scion offered bins of flimsy little toy iQs and the Midwest Automotive Media Association breakfast Thursday morning Jaguar/Land Rover had placed fancy gray boxes at every place setting.  Inside was a set of four coasters touting their vehicles.

I looked long and hard for more but this was about it and I don’t expect any of this will end up on eBay like the Corvette press kits from last month’s Detroit show.

Open tchotchkes

Jaguar/Land Rover handed out a box of coasters so your gin and tonic doesn’t leave rings on the drawing room table



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