Antique Auto Advertising: The Three Stooges Pitch Instant Simoniz

The date of this television commercial the Three Stooges shot for Simoniz isn’t clear, but since ‘Curly Joe’ DeRita is in it, this must date to after 1959, when the Stooges had a comeback following the television syndication of their old Columbia Pictures films. The Stooges are playing scientists, with Larry and Curly Joe telling Moe that they’ve invented a new product that combines Simoniz wax and cleaner in one push-button container. After they show off the way it shines the hood of a car (perhaps a 1960 Ford Falcon, it’s hard to tell), Moe tells the other two “nitwits” that Simoniz already had introduced “Instant Simoniz”. What’s old is new. At the 2013 Chicago Auto Show media preview, Turtle Wax had a press conference introducing their new “Rinse Free Wash & Wax” product, which like Instant Simoniz, combines a cleaner and a wax.

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