Antique Auto Advertising: America Takes On The Imports – Ford Pinto

For this episode of Antique Auto Advertising I decided to look back at when the American car companies first started taking small imported cars seriously. Oh, there was a brief flirtation with compacts like the Ford Falcon and the Chevy Corvair but in many ways those were at least as much of a response to the Rambler as to the VW Beetle. In the late 1960s, though Volkswagen was joined in the North American market by Toyota and Nissan/Datsun. Detroit responded with small cars that till today still reliably take top positions in “worst cars of all times” lists: the Ford Pinto and the Chevy Vega. Here is what I believe it the first television commercial produced to promote the Pinto in 1970. It’s rather endearing, almost sweet. Everybody likes baby animals, but it doesn’t quite tug the heartstrings the way Budweiser’s baby Clydesdale Super Bowl ad did this year.

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