An Isetta Trailer Queen? Really?

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I know that microcars make people smile and in the wake of Bruce Weiner’s auction of his massive microcar collection, people that formerly couldn’t tell a Messerschmidt from a Maicomobil the tiny automobiles from the 1950s have taken notice of the not so tiny prices restored microcars are currently getting at auction. Still, seeing an Isetta being trailered away from last year’s Orphan Car Show in Ypsilanti was a bit jarring. Yes, I know it’s possible that the owners don’t live anywhere near Ypsi and nobody wants to put a lot of mileage on restored cars but still. Isettas are just not that rare. Regular readers may know of my “no ’57 Chevys or ’69 Camaros” rule when I have to decide what to shoot at a car show (a rule I break for significant cars) and I’d hate to add Isettas to that list. Offhand I can think of three different shows I attended last year that had Isettas in them, plus at least one or two at the Woodward Dream Cruise. As if to prove my point, when I stopped into the Automotive Hall of Fame to kill some time last week, they had this blue one (below) in the Hall’s activity center for children (not sure if it’s the same car as on the trailer in the video). Also in the video are a Sunbeam Alpine and a ’63 Corvair, being driven, not trailered.

anaglyph-img_0113To view the entire photo gallery in 2D or your choice of stereo 3D formats, click here for a Flash player , here for an HTML applet, or here for an HTML5 viewer

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