Cool Yellow Cars: Checker A11

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Most car guys know of this car as the Checker Marathon but in fact the Marathon was only used for the retail version. Checker cars built as taxis were given alphanumeric model designations, A8 starting in 1956 when the iconic body style was introduced and A11 starting in 1963. The one on the left above is a 1980 A11D model and the one on the right with an out-of-place looking vinyl top is a 1979 A11E. Jalopnik is running a post on “the coolest yellow cars” of all time, but in the post Michael Ballaban more or less excluded school buses and taxis from contention. I can see leaving school buses out. A school bus would have to be painted psychedelically and driven by Neal Cassady and Ken Kesey in order for it to be cool, and that would never happen, right? Besides, a bus is not a car, but is there a more iconic car than the once ubiquitous Checker taxicab? Yellow cars are said to attract pretty women. The phrase “pussy magnet yellow” is not unknown in auto enthusiast circles. What better yellow car than one with room for more than one lady friend as well as a dedicated driver so you can entertain your lady friends undisturbed?

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