Roush Performance Video Tour – Mustang Build Part 11 – Interiors

Start the YouTube 3D video player. Click on the red 3D icon in the menu bar to select 2D or your choice of stereo 3D formats

Once the chassis and body modifications are done, the cars go to the interior trim department. The Stage 3 Roush Mustangs come with a complete interior package with embroidered leather seats with suede inserts, suede door panel inserts, a suede shift boot and lots of contrasting detail stitching. As an aside, I’m getting a little tired of contrasting detail stitching on leather car upholstery. In real life, my day job is running a small embroidery shop and I understand why that detail stitching is popular: it looks good. When you put running stitches on leather like that, it doesn’t just create color contrast, it creates texture because the stitches end up quilting the leather just a bit. I use contrasting detail stitching myself on the club patches for one of the motorcycle clubs that I work for. Why? Because it looks good. However, it’s become one of those styling fads and it would be nice if more automakers used contrasting piping, like Jaguar does. Either way, the Stage 3 interior is rather nice. After the upholstery on the seats is replaced, because the seats contain air bags, the air bag deployment system has to be recalibrated and validated with a rather expensive testing cell, which is the white apparatus over on the right side of the interior department.

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