Antique Auto Advertising: Ernie Kovacs and Edie Adams Pitching the 1955 Ford

Here is comedian Ernie Kovac and his wife, singer and dancer Edie Adams, in a humorous long form commercial for the new 1955 Fords. My guess is that Kovac himself had a hand in writing the ad – or at least the characters’ silly actions as they supposedly portray how different types of owners wash their cars. The ad features the 1955 Ford Fairlane, in  hardtop, Sunliner convertible, and Country Squire station wagon forms. Coincidentally, Kovacs died in a car accident at the age of 42 when his Corvair went out of control on a rain soaked Los Angeles corner and hit a utility pole. Kovac’s television game show was sponsored by Consolidated Cigar’s Dutch Masters brand. Like George Burns’ el Productos, Kovacs was identified with his everpresent Dutch Masters cigar. Edie Adams represented another of Consolidated’s brands, Muriel. She was usually dressed as a sultry night club singer, playing off of Muriel’s slogan “Why don’t you pick me up and smoke me sometime!” Adams’ take on the song from Sweet Charity, Hey Big Spender, with the lyric changed to “spend a little dime with me”, a reference to Muriel’s low cost, was particularly memorable. As Dr. Freud, who smoked them, said, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, but Adams’ Muriel ads fairly dripped with sexuality.

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