Another Reason Why They’re Called The Best & Brightest Over @ TTAC: Crabspirits


Photo Copyright Murilee Martin

Editor’s note: One of the results of the recent change in management at The Truth About Cars is that readers who had been previously banned for violating this or that rule have been invited back to the site. That means that there’s the possibility of more great Vanilla Dude rants. The Dude apparently abides because he’s now back at TTAC and he joins another great ranter among TTAC’s “Best & Brightest”, Crabspirits. Back in February, Crabspirits started posting darker-side-of-the-car-owning-experience-vignettes, short hypothetical backstories to Murilee Martin’s great Junkyard Finds series. Murilee just put up a post at TTAC with a sample some of the spiritual crustacean’s raggedly cut slices of life. While we’re waiting for Vanilla Dude to get his muse back, here’s a sample of Crabspirit’s work:

Jeremy was given this car by his father. He needed reliable and cheap transport to his job at the local skate shop. His father worked diligently, replacing all the leaky gaskets on the Slant 6 and giving it a fresh coat of paint. A trusty and noble steed for a no-good kid. “Damn kid can’t even mow the lawn! What the hell’s wrong with that boy?” The Valerie should stand up, even to his abuse. “Just make sure you keep the oil topped off son.” as he handed him the keys. His friends laughed and mocked his new wheels. There were plans to turn it into a Demon clone. They would never come to fruition. The Vole needed a battery, constantly getting jump-starts from friends after sitting more than 3 hours. At a used car lot, a Merkur spoke volumes. A deal was struck, and the brown disco machine was traded in for $100 bounty. Off to the auction it went to fulfill it’s destiny. Jeremy relaxed in the black, squeaky leather as he drove off in search for more THC cakes.
Try to forget this…
Try to erase this…
From the blackboard.

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