Dick Van Dyke & Carl Reiner Wreck A Duesenberg in The Comic, Or Did They?


Comedians Kevin Pollack and Adam Carolla are both trying to make movies about the hard life of standup comedians. Pollack’s proposed film is going to be a documentary that looks at the “sad clown” phenomenon, the fact that comics can make others laugh while themselves being beset by all sorts of psychological disorders, addictions and self-destructive behavior. In 1969 Carl Reiner and Dick Van Dyke made The Comic, a film loosely based on the life of Buster Keaton. In one of the movie’s scenes, Van Dyke’s character is drunk and jealous and ends up driving up the front stairs and crashing his car into what he thinks is his own mansion, hoping to confront his wife and her supposed paramour. He actually crashes into a neighbors house. While watching a video clip of the scene it occurred to me that the car was either a Duesenberg or a Duesenberg replica. It’s hard to tell, it’s a nighttime scene, but the car has got the distinctively shaped Duesenberg front bumper and it looks like the radiator grille is the right shape as well. It looks a lot like the Murphy bodied roadster replica that Steve Pasteiner’s AAT made. I’m guessing that the movie car is a replica, because even more than 40 years ago in 1969, Duesenbergs were valuable to collectors and the car does get kind of beaten up in the scene. What do you think, real or replica?

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