Automotive Oddities: Festiva Flatbed

festiva flatbed

This 1991 Ford Festiva dual-axle flatbed truck could be yours for only $9,000.

The Ford Festiva was one of the most basic cars you could buy.  I know, I owned one.

It was marketed here by Ford but was based on a Mazda platform and built by Kia.  The only engine available was Mazda’s 1.3-liter I-4 that produced a paltry 63 horsepower and 73 pounds-feet of torque and powered the 12-inch front wheels through a 4-speed manual (5-speed in later years) or 3-speed automatic.  The only body style offered was a 3 door hatchback – or was it?

This automotive oddity was spotted this weekend in the car corral at the Fall Jefferson car show in Jefferson, Wis.  The seller claims that it was converted to a flatbed truck by a South Dakota Ford dealer when it was new and completely restored in 2009.  It started as a well-optioned Festiva GL with power steering and factory air and the odometer reads just 41,000 miles.

I have no idea why anyone would want such a “truck”  but the conversion and restoration appear to be very well done.  Asking price:  $9,000.

festiva flatbed

Extremely well done conversion, nicely restored. Just don’t ask why.


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