A 3D Video Walk Around the General Motors Heritage Center

Start the video, pause and click on the “3D” icon to select 3D or 2D format.

A 15 minute walk around the GM Heritage Center, unarguably one of the world’s great car collections. Every one of the 150 or so cars that was on display when we visited the facility is on this 3D video. We believe that it is the first 3D video shot at the Heritage Center and the first 3D of many of the cars in the collection. At any time the GMHC houses about 1/3 of the GM corporate car and truck collection. Sometimes they will loan out a car to another museum or special event and of course the cars are available for corporate publicity purposes. During our visit (I was there with Michael Karesh of TrueDelta.com) the Buick Centurion concept car from the 1950s era Motorama was still on display, having been loaned to the GMHC for the late Chuck Jordan’s memorial service by the Sloan Museum in Flint.

Correction : In the video I refer to the “Pontiac” Fiesta, a very limited production car sometimes associated with the Motorama cars since it was introduced at a Motorama. The Fiesta was an Oldsmobile, not a Pontiac.

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