2013 Emergency Vehicle Show: 1989 Ford LTD Crown Victoria Police Car

anaglyph -ford 1989 ltd police car img_0126_rTo view the entire photo gallery in 2D or your choice of stereo 3D formats, click here for a Flash player , here for an HTML applet, or here for an HTML5 viewer

After Mopar products seemed to dominate the police car business from the late 1960s into the 1980s, Ford started to more aggressively market their full size sedans as police cars, as they had done until the mid 1960s, when Sheriff Andy Taylor patrolled the mean streets of Mayberry. This ’89 LTD used by the Arizona state police had a 351 cubic inch V8, but it only had a two barrel carburetor and even with the dual exhausts that came with the police package, it still only put out 180 horsepower. Still, with a 120 mph top speed it was the fastest full size American car of its day, perfect for the highway patrol.

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