Another Crabspirits Vignette: 1985 Renault Encore, A Good Soldier


Photo copyright Murilee Martin

Murilee Martin’s latest Junkyard Find is a 1985 Renault Encore, a last ditch effort to save American Motors by the French company, which had bought AMC, only to sell it to Chrysler in 1987. As with many of Murilee’s finds, TTAC reader Crabspirits offers a possible backstory:

Sarge was military memorabilia.

The gate guard checked the ID for the housewife, and handed it back into the minivan. He hesitated as he did so, taking into account the strange appearance of the next vehicle. The protrusion below the bumper and “up-armored” headlamps gave the Renault the unintentional appearance of an M-ATV MRAP. The glare on the windshield obscured it’s driver, but he could make out the base sticker on it. The guard moved his hand down to his weapon in a “casual ready” position. It could just be some smart ass grunt. God knows he had seen his share of cars of this type of decor. Still, with the current events, it was wise to be ready for anything. The odd desert tan hatchback moved forward, and it’s operator provided his identity. “Thank you Sergeant.”, he said to the old man as he gave the card back. The guard watched the Encore with curiosity as it entered Fort Carson, it’s softly sprung hind end dipping down on each upshift as it accelerated away.

Sarge watched the distressed needle climb up to 40mph. It amused him every time he looked at it, curled up like a leaf in the fall. It was such an odd problem for a car to have, but understandable since the the Renault spent it’s entire life parked in the near Colorado sun in front of a rapidly deteriorating and unused RV.

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