Another Crabspirits Vignette: Hal and His ’67 Valiant

Photo copyright Murilee Martin.

Photo copyright Murilee Martin.

Editor’s note: Murilee’s latest Junkyard Find is a ’67 Plymouth Valiant. The Mopar A bodies, the Dodge Dart and the Plymouth Valiant, had near cockroach levels of survivability, which may explain why it took 46 years for this one to make it to a wrecking yard. Murilee’s find has evoked another small story from TTAC commenter Crabspirits:

Hal and his Valiant had a lot in common.

“Could be a winner boy, you move quite well
Stroke me, stroke me
Good morning. 630 KHOW, got your traffic.
Starting to build near the I25/I70 interchange…”

Hal pushed his glasses down his nose so he could peer over the frames into the distance. The Denver skyline was off on his left. Down below on the right, he could begin to make out the rolling parking lot on I-25. The Signet plodded along slowly at 55mph in the right lane. An angry Lexus SUV driver made an aggressive overtake. Hal’s road rage was minimal. He simply shook his head, and then smiled. The RX350′s brake lights illuminated as soon as it occupied Hal’s lane. The lady had become so enveloped in crafting the perfect scowl at the rusty Plymouth, that she failed to notice the backup of cars merging into her lane. Hal said “Ohhhhhhhh…”, taking in the sight of the 350′s full undercarriage, it pitching forward under the panic braking. Bang. Little bits of Lexus reflector shot sideways. Hal watched the 80% piece of Subaru tail light rocking on the pavement. He grabbed the metal turn signal stalk downward and completed his exclamation. “…Mama.”

Read the rest over at TTAC.

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