A Plethora of Pacer Pics: A Pacer Racer

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In our post about the Pacer X, I mentioned how it was one of the first American cars, if not the first, to come with rack and pinion steering and how with it’s wide track and short wheelbase it’s possible that it could be made to handle. Since Pacers have been raced in both SCCA and IMSA road racing (and in off-road racing too) that may actually be the case. This race-prepped Pacer belongs to Robert Wood and to the best that I’ve been able to determine, it raced in IMSA’s Radial Sedan Series. It wasn’t the only Pacer Racer. In the early days of IMSA, a Pacer sponsored by EZ-Wider cigarette papers competed in the series. No doubt it was a tie-in with how the Pacer was marketed as the first wide small car.


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