Survivor Series: 9,000 Mile 1970 American Motors Hornet

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This is one of those low mileage cars that was proverbially driven only to church on Sundays by a little old lady. The current owner, an AMC enthusiast, is no spring chicken himself and he knew about the car for years. It belonged to a friend of his family’s who bought it new, drove it less than 9,000 miles and then parked it in a garage after she stopped driving. When he was finally able to buy it, it hadn’t been driven or started in years but with a new battery it fired right up. Whatever the conditions were in her garage, they preserved this Hornet remarkably well. All the seals are still pliable and everything works fine. It’s a true time capsule. AMCs were cheap cars and the Hornet started its life as a compact economy car, competing with the likes of Ford’s Maverick or the Dodge Duster. So the Hornet was no luxury car and this particular one was pretty much a stripper model. No radio, no clock, no A/C, and rubber floor mats, not carpeting. The only options I could spot were an automatic transmission and power steering, as you’d expect an older woman to specify. This car doesn’t have a radio. All 2014 Toyota Corollas come with an audio system that is Bluetooth capable. Times have changed in 43 years.

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