Dusting Off The American Dream


The Cadillac ATS coupe was on the list of cars I managed to miss shooting during the NAIAS media preview. I returned to Cobo Hall during the industry preview to take photos of those cars that I had missed, and when I got to the Cadillac stand, I had to wait a couple of minutes while a porter finished dusting off the car.  A warrior in the small army of dusters that are part of the background at every major auto show, fighting the unending battle against brownian motion. He looked like he might have been from Mexico or Central America.

The Cadillac spun on the turntable and as he dusted it off we were facing each other. I said to him while nodding, “Some day you’ll own one.” He got a huge grin on his face, gave me a thumbs up, well, as best as he could with a duster in one hand and a spritzer bottle in the other, nodded vigorously and said, “Yep!”

Man, I love this country.

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