What You Say About Yourself Says A Lot About Yourself, 2014


Cadillac’s new slogan, an oxymoron?

Last year’s Chicago Auto Show was boring enough that I found myself actually noticing the meaningless slogans that car makers come up with to . . . well, I’m not really sure why they do it, I guess it’s the corporate thing to do.

This year’s show was slightly more interesting but I still found myself looking for those tag lines and found one that was actually rather impressive.

I won’t inflict any of last year’s slogans on you but couldn’t help but notice that Cadillac seems to have abandoned the one they had been using for decades – and that I applauded last year – for a new one to go with their new crest: The Art of Craftsmanship.  There is a lot to quibble with here.  Can a mass produced vehicle be said to possess craftsmanship when all of the parts are popped out of molds of one kind or another?  On a more basic level, art and craft are two very different things – but who said corporate slogans had to make sense?


Acura throws another meaningless slogan at us.

Acura was another car maker which left last year’s slogan in the dust in favor of a new one that is equally meaningless:  The Daring Are Never Done.  The faults with this one are almost too obvious to mention. (So if you actually accomplish something you weren’t really daring?)  (The lazy are never done, either.)


Let’s go places, Cubs? Maybe next year.

Ok, I know I said I wouldn’t bring up any of last year’s slogans but you have to know the Chicago Cubs to see the irony here. (Hint: The Cubs never go anywhere.)


J. P. Morgan and Fidelity didn’t want it so Honda took it.

Honda had this one plastered all over their display at the show: The Power of Dreams.  This sounds more like the title of a Norman Vincent Peale book but is so vague as a corporate slogan it could just as easily belong to a brokerage house.


Now this is a slogan that says something about the brand.

Best slogan this year, hands down, belongs to Fiat Chrysler’s SRT division: Born to Bolt.  Most people probably don’t know about SRT much less what it stands for.  They’ve also probably never heard of Ralph Gilles, SRT’s head honcho, much less attended one of his press conferences.  Those of us who have get “Born to Bolt”.  Well played, sirs.


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