1956 Packard Executive – 3D Photos

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In 1955, Packard chief James Nance tried to reestablish Packard as a premium luxury brand. Since the 1930s, company managers focused on the high volume “junior” Packards and let Cadillac dominate the luxury market. For 1955, there were be two lines, Packards and Clippers, and though they shared most components and styling, Packards and Clippers were fairly easy to tell from one another. When dealers rebelled about the Clippers not carrying the Packard brand anywhere on the car, Nance relented. Packard also introduced the Executive, which was positioned between the Clippers and the Caribbean, Four Hundred and Patrician, and it combined the front end of a Packard with the rear end of Clipper (it has “slipper” taillights, not the “cathedral” style as on the more expensive Packards). Still, Clippers outsold Packards in 1956 by a ratio of three to one.

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