Stout Scarab Experimental Y-46 – The First Fiberglass Car? 3D Photos

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We’ve featured William Stout’s Scarab before. During World War II, the father of the Ford Trimotor worked with the War Production Board and consulted with Consolidated Aircraft. After the war, Stout returned to the Scarab concept, this time constructing what he called the Stout Scarab Experimental, also called the Project Y or Y-46. The styling was much more conventional than the original Scarabs, with normal sedan styling and two conventional doors but the construction was even more radical. Not only was the Project Y likely to have been the first car built with a fiberglass composite body, Stout predated the Lotus Elite by using the material to use monocoque frame-in-body construction. It was also one of the first cars to feature air suspension. Harvey Firestone was one of the investors in the Stout car company and owned one of the few Scarabs that were built. In the 1930s, the Firestone tire company started working on air springs for automobiles and in addition to fitting those to his personal Scarab and to Mr. Firestone’s own Scarab, Stout had them fitted to the Y-46.

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