National Hudson Motor Car Company Museum Opens


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In conjunction with the Ypsilanti Automotive Heritage Museum, the Hudson, Essex and Terraplane Historical Society has opened up the National Hudson Motor Car Company Museum in the YAHM’s building. That building is the location of the former Miller Motors, the last surviving Hudson dealership. While the YAHM will still be devoted to Corvairs, Hydramatic transmissions, Kaiser-Frazers and Tucker, all enterprises with Ypsilanti connections, the part of the museum that housed Miller Motors will be exclusively devoted to Hudsons and that company’s history. I’m not thrilled about the fact that the YAHM’s 1950s era parts counter and service department no longer exist. It was a unique and very cool thing that I think made the museum worth a visit. You can see old cars lots of places but how many chances do you get to see a car dealer the way it was back then. We ran a post about the Ypsilanti car museum back in 2011 if you’d like to see what changes have been made with the installation of the new Hudson museum.

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