1929 Duesenberg Model J Sweep Panel Dual Cowl Phaeton by LeBaron – 3D Photos

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We’ve featured this particular dual cowl Duesenberg by LeBaron before. It’s in the collection of the Gilmore museum, which is where the photos at that link were taken. This set is from the 2015 Concours of America at St. John’s. All Duesenbergs are special but the LeBaron bodied “sweep panel” dual cowl phaeton literally set the style. There were 481 Duesenberg Model Js built. LeBaron built bodies for 38 Model Js, 27 of them dual cowl phaetons. Actually, the first Model J built, #J-101, was a LeBaron dual cowl phaeton with LeBaron’s signature “sweep panel” two tone styling. LeBaron went on to build 18 Model J Duesenbergs with that style body, a bit more sporting with its cut-down doors, a cowl that echoed the curved of the sweep panel, and a lower beltline than traditional “barrelside” phaetons. The sweep panel look was so popular that over the years a number of Model J sedans have been rebodied in that LeBaron style. This particular Duesenberg, J-111 / 2133, was the tenth Model J built. It was displayed by Duesenberg in 1929 at auto salons in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles and then used as a demonstrator at the company’s LA dealership. Duesenbergs were popular with Hollywood actors and other celebrities and this phaeton’s provenance includes being owned by the son of comedian Buster Keaton. It’s now part of the collection of the Gilmore Car Museum.

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