1931 Lincoln Model K Dual Cowl Phaeton – 3D Photos


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It seems to me that most of the attention paid to prewar Lincolns focuses on the Zephyr and Continental, both of which appeared in the late 1930s, which were both a departure from the upright traditional luxury cars of the classic era. Perhaps that’s why the classic Lincolns, like this Model K, don’t get as much attention as the senior Packards and Duesenbergs, when people think of classic luxury automobiles. That’s a shame because those big Lincolns give nothing up in terms of style to the other great marques of the era. Henry Ford bought Lincoln out of bankruptcy in the early 1920s in part to give his son Edsel something to play with (the other part was to humiliate Lincoln founder Henry Leland, who had a role in Henry’s second automotive venture, the Henry Ford Co., becoming Cadillac after Ford’s backers asserted control). Edsel can legitimately be considered one of the fathers of automobile styling and the classic Lincolns show it.

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