1930 Pierce Arrow Model B Sport Phaeton – 3D Photos


To view the entire photo gallery in 2D or your choice of stereo 3D formats, click here for a Flash player , here for an HTML applet, or here for an HTML5 viewer

You’ve got to give Pierce Arrow some credit. Selling cars to the most traditional part of the market, high end luxury, Pierce bucked tradition with their so-called Dawley headlights. Designed by Herbert Dawley, their chief designer, the headlight housings were faired into the fenders. His patent claimed that their wider spacing than used by conventional inboard headlamps provide better illumination of the road. They also gave Pierce Arrows a distinctive look in an era when cars really looked alike, save for their radiator shell/grille shapes. The frog-eyed look does stand out. To accommodate their more traditional customers, Pierce did offer conventional headlights as an option, though based on the Pierce Arrows I’ve seen at car shows and in museums a majority were ordered with the Dawleys.

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