1928 Stutz BB4 Dual Cowl Four Door Touring Car – 3D Photos


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From the faux Egyptian hood ornament to it’s bright red wire wheels, this car just screams “Roaring 20s”. I’m not sure exactly what the difference is between an open touring car and a phaeton. Perhaps Stutz didn’t like the term phaeton. In any case, Harry Stutz’s company got its start building race cars and selling slightly civilized versions of them to wealthy folks. The Stutz Bearcat had one of the first multivalve engines, with four valves per cylinder, and it introduced the underslung chassis, allowing for a lower center of gravity and better handling. When the “cylinder war” of the early 1930s began, Stutz didn’t have the resources of companies like Packard, Cadillac, and Marmon that were developing V12 and even V16 engines, they responded by hiring Fred Duesenberg to design a DOHC inline eight with 32 valves, and ended up selling more cars with that engine than their competitors did with their twelves and sixteens.

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