24 Hrs of LeMons: 2011 Sears Pointless Infineon Raceway Gargantuan 3D Photo Gallery

When he was not busy adjudicating the rule book and taking bribes, high chief Judge Phil of the 24 Hours of LeMons supreme judicial council, AKA Murilee Martin, was gracious enough to take over 500 sets of 3D photo pairs at the 2011 Sears Pointless race at Infineon raceway for our use and your enjoyment here at Cars In Depth.  I’ll be trying to get Murilee to pick out his favorites and give his comments once he’s recovered from the stresses of having to make all those Solomon-like decisions. In the mean time, here are all of his 3D shots from the race. Please note the large number of people whose Pavlovian response to seeing a 3D camera rig is to point at the camera.

The Flash player doesn’t like huge galleries so I broke it up into 5 individual galleries of about 100 photos each. You can see them after the jump.

Click on a gallery to launch a Flash player to view the images in your choice of 3D or 2D formats. Scroll down for additional galleries.

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