Look At What I Found!: 1928 Oldsmobile Six – Now That’s Patina!

Whether they’re down on the street or on the island that rust forgot, most of the cool-old-cars-found-by-car-bloggers tend to be from relatively recent decades like the 1960s or 1970s. So when I saw this 1928 Oldsmobile Six sitting in front of the insurance agency in Ferndale, Michigan that it was advertising, I knew that I had to stop and take some photos – particularly after I noticed that it has current, non-historical, handicapped license plates, indicating that it’s in running condition.

Full gallery of photos after the jump.

The owner of the agency told me that the car indeed runs and is driven regularly, though it is for sale. I checked some histories and I’m pretty sure that it’s an Oldmsobile Six, though there really isn’t much online about Oldsmobile history in the period between Ransom E. Olds and Harley Earl. Everything appears to be original including the paint, wooden spoke wheels, the interior upholstery, the rubber mats on the running boards, and the leatherette roof. Oldsmobile was the first automaker to offer trim plated in chrome, and some of that chrome remains on the radiator shell & grille, though it started to oxidize long ago. Whoever buys this would be a fool to restore it. As they say, it’s only original once, and this old Olds looks about as original as they get.

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