2011 SAE World Congress : 3D Video of Scuderi Engine Cutaway in Action

Start the video, pause, then click on the 3D icon in the menu bar to select your choice of 3D formats or 2D
One of the cool things about the SAE World Congress is that there are usually some novel engines on display. Scuderi Engines, an offshoot of a company that makes air compressors, has been displaying at the SAE for a few years, trying to garner interest from the OEMs. The Scuderi engine is split cycle engine. Split cycle engines have been around since the early days of combustion engines and involve separate pistons for the intake/compression and power/exhaust parts of the Otto cycle. By adding an air storage tank between the two pistons, Scuderi claims that their engine can also operate as a compressed air hybrid. Their most recent development has been switching from normal aspiration to a turbocharged setup that Scuderi claims reduces the mechanical load on the compression side and doubles specific power output. Scuderi had a kinetic cutaway of their prototype motor on display. Here’s some 3D video of that model in motion.

After the jump is a promotional video from Scuderi showing their prototype running on a dynomometer.

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