Force Dynamics Driving Simulator in 3D Video

Start the video, then pause and click on the “3D” icon in the player’s menu bar to select your choice of 3D format or 2D.

Reporting from the Shanghai auto show, my colleague over at TTACBertel Schmitt, discovered that the racing simulator that Ford has been using at the big auto shows was made by Force Dynamics, and that one of our readers at The Truth About Cars, Perisoft, happens to work for Force Dynamics on the very same motion simulators that Ford uses. Actually, I did shoot 3D footage of one of Ford’s Force Dynamics simulators at the Detroit show and posted it in January at the time of the show. At the time, though, I had just started working with 3D video and the version I posted back then didn’t have any audio. It also had minimal alignment of the stereo pair. I went back and reprocessed the raw clips, this time including the audio track as well as aligning every frame. The 3D is much better this time around, so I reposted it for Bertel’s, Perisoft’s and your enjoyment.

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