24 Hours of LeMons: North Dallas Hooptie 3D Gallery

Click on the image above to launch a Flash player to view the complete gallery in your choice of 3D formats and 2D

First it was snow in Michigan, this week’s weather adventure in Texas was lightning storms and tornado warnings. The threat of getting blown away doesn’t exactly scare LeMons racers, they are made of sterner stuff (or are they drinking Sterno? It’s hard to tell). In any case, Team Miagra Miata was the overall winner, and the Index of Effluency award went to Team Sensory Assault, with their eyeball searing pink RX-7. This week Judge Phil graced us with over 200 stereo pairs from the Dallas race which you can see in your choice of 3D formats or 2D by clicking on the beer cans above.

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